About us

We are a Women-Owned Company Built From Quality, Safety and Service.

Jilco, Inc. has been an industry-leading coatings contractor whose quality is directly driven by our experience.

With a strong history in applying Boiled Linseed Oil to roadways across the state of Pennsylvania, our company has expanded to provide a variety of protective and aesthetic concrete coatings.


Jilco, Inc. is a PennDOT Prequalified WBE/DBE Subcontractor



Jilco, Inc. is dedicated to, not only meeting but exceeding all industry standards for commercial concrete coatings. This dedication to quality starts during preplanning and extends the life of your project. At Jilco, Inc., we put our name on every project and stand behind each and every project.



Our team has decades of experience performing various concrete coating applications and boiled linseed oil. This experience provides us the ability accurately preplan projects to ensure our projects remain on time and on budget.



In addition to our quality and experience, the team at Jilco, Inc. is committed to upholding the highest standards for jobsite and company integrity. When we say we will do something, we do it. We provide the reliability and dependability your project deserves.

Since 1966

Our History

Proudly Servicing The Region For Over 50 Years.

Jilco, Inc. is a family-operated business that was established in 1966 and over the years has been passed through three generations.

Jilco, Inc. started out spraying Boiled Linseed Oil on concrete highways across Pennsylvania from drums out of the back of a pickup truck. Eventually, the Jilco, Inc. team fabricated its own spray units to streamline the process.

With new roadway/bridge designs and changing industry needs, Jilco, Inc. has evolved into one of the leading applicators of protective and aesthetic bridge coatings.

Our ability to change with the times has allowed us to service the Transportation Industry for over 50 years.

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